Although lighting is as important as other fundamental elements of brand identity which are logo, color, slogan, and story, it is not frequently mentioned. Previously there was little emphasis on lighting; however, it has become a supporting area for brand identity. For example; enlightened images of Paris’ iconic building, Eiffel Tower, draw more attention than daytime images. DirectTV brand that operates in the USA made a difference by lighting its interior with special illumination and making lighting a part of its brand identity.

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Lighting has the purpose of making customers notice, see, and examine the products. Furthermore, lighting systems that suit to brand identity have also started to be preferred. Brand advisors have started to work with lighting design and architecture firms for this purpose. Therefore the places where customers feel psychologically comfortable gradually increase its importance. In line with this, air-condition, cleanliness, smell, and lighting of physical spaces are carefully planned.

Researches on the effect of lighting on human psychology point out that right lighting creates relief, comfort, visual clarity, and delightfulness. Time spent on the stores is considerably related to the factors that increase the quality of the place. Therefore it is directly related to the lighting that is appropriate for health as much as having clean, fresh, odorous air and having a psychical arrangement that matches in-store placing principles.

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Brands now have another tool to express their identity with the help of lighting technologies. As a result of the combination of light and brand messages, brands also gain artistic wealth. This increases the chance to be noticed among numerous brand messages. Development of lighting technologies, emerging innovations in LED technology present broad opportunities for brands, and also remind us that brand advisors should not neglect this area.