LED lighting products are the latest and most fascinating technological development in the lighting industry. LED lighting products are powerful, energy-saving and long-lasting products. LED lighting products work in quite different ways than traditional lighting products. The different structure of LED lighting products makes these products much more advantageous than traditional solutions. LED technology also offers many additional advantages over conventional lamps, fluorescent lamps, and compact fluorescent lamps and lighting devices. These additional benefits include a long lifetime (60,000 hours), significantly lower energy consumption (90% more efficient), lower maintenance costs, and higher safety.

Here are 8 advantages that distinguish LED lighting products from less efficient alternatives!

1) Efficiency

LED lighting products use up to 90% less power than traditional lighting solutions. Thanks to the energy savings you will achieve with the use of LEDs, there are noticeable reductions in your electricity bills every month. LED products save you from maintenance and replacement costs thanks to their long service life.

2) Long Life

LEDs have a lifetime of up to 60,000 hours versus 1,500 hours of traditional bulbs. A quality LED lighting product does not require replacement for 7 years. Generally, LED bulbs last ten times longer than small fluorescent bulbs and 133 times longer than conventional bulbs. The long life of the LEDs will significantly reduce maintenance costs and lower long-term operating costs compared to conventional lights.

3) Security

Outstanding security measures may be seen as perhaps the most important benefit of LED lighting products. LED lamps produce almost no heat, it makes no sense to accidentally touch an LED lighting product that has been on for hours. With the use of LED lighting products, the possibilities of hazards such as burns and fires are reduced.

4) Environmentally Friendly

LEDs are made of non-toxic materials, unlike neon lighting, which uses mercury, which can create a hazard to the environment. LEDs are recyclable and are also considered “green” and environmentally friendly.

5) Color

LED lighting products are available in various basic colors such as red, blue and yellow. The application of using filters to produce color with traditional bulbs is unsuccessful. LEDs can be mixed together to produce a large number of color options.

6) Usage Area Diversity

LEDs are used today for a wide variety of different applications such as residential lighting, army, architecture, automotive, transmissions, electronics, entertainment and gaming, army, traffic and transportation industry. Since LEDs are focused on lights, they are great at performing some special lighting tasks, such as desk lamps, reading lights, night lights, safety signals, spotlights, accent lamps, and lighting for signs.

While LED lighting increases its popularity in the sector, it is constantly expressed by professionals that it is a more sustainable resource.

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