The cities we live in are growing day by day and spreading to large areas. With this growth, we observe an accelerated development in transportation networks. For example, building a new airport means that new roads will be built and a new transportation network will be created. Along with the new transportation routes, new road lighting is also being tried. New lighting systems started to be used not only on new roads but also on many old roads. There are huge changes between the technology of 50 years ago and today’s technology. Developing technology, growing cities, and many other factors also allowed road lighting to change and improve.

There is not just a single element in providing good road lighting. While developing lighting solutions, attention should be paid to the environment where the products will be located, the width of the street and road, the height of the surrounding buildings, the density of the trees around, the safety of pedestrians and drivers. So, what should be good road lighting in 5 steps? Let’s take a look together:

1) Smart LED Lighting Products Should be Used

With the growth of cities and the development of technology, energy-saving is more on the agenda of city administrations than ever before. It is now easier to get maximum efficiency with less expense. Although smart cities were once dreams, we can see examples today. Smart lighting is a phenomenon that comes into our lives with the concept of a smart city. So what is smart lighting? Why should it be used? In smart lighting, LED lighting products are used instead of the street lamps we know. With this use, 50% to 70% of energy savings are achieved. If this system is combined with smart systems, energy savings can be up to 80%.

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While the use of smart LED lighting provides energy saving, it also offers integration to cities that want to turn into a smart city. Thanks to the smart LED lighting products, the density on the roads can be measured and the places where improvement is required can be determined.

2) LED Lighting Fixtures Should Not Create Glare

The lighting level affects the driver’s sensitivity to perceiving objects around. The driver who cannot see the objects around him or who sees more than the road is more likely to make a mistake. If the lighting is provided properly and healthy, traffic accidents will decrease. According to the CIE (International Lighting Commission), 5 meters ahead of the road should be illuminated as much as 50%. Thus, the level of clarity of the surrounding objects is seen in a way that will not distract the driver.

3) Lighting System’s Life Must Be Long

The long life of LED lighting poles and fixtures ensures continuity. If products that deteriorate frequently are used in road lighting solutions, these products will need to be constantly renewed. This can endanger the safety of both pedestrians and drivers. Roads that are not sufficiently illuminated invite traffic accidents. The long life of the LED lighting product is critical for proper and healthy lighting.

4) The Product Must Have an Appropriate Aesthetics with its Surroundings

Compliance is one of the most important issues in terms of providing safety on the road. Glare can exhaust drivers’ eyes and distract them. Glare can have bad consequences for both pedestrians and drivers. So, what can be done to prevent glare? When using LED lighting products, attention should be paid to ensure that these products are in harmony with the environment. In this way, glare from the image can be prevented. The poles of the road lighting are usually located on the sidewalks. So they should be placed in a proper position and angle. A pole-mounted in the middle of the pavement will restrict the walking path of pedestrians.

5) Full Curtain Fixture Should be Used

The luminaire, which is screened so that no light can go higher than the horizontal plane in the place where the external lighting lamps are located, are full curtain luminaires. If the angle of the light coming out of the lamp with the lamppost is below 70 and 90 degrees, there is no use in lighting the ground. Because it is far from the ground and when it reaches the ground it is very weak. Whether such lighting is used on a crowded road in the city or in an empty area in the countryside, they dazzle the drivers and prevent their vision. According to a study conducted at Istanbul Technical University, it was determined that 40% of the light emitted by the spherical street lights emanates directly into the upper space.

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