Light Building Ticket FOR FREE TICKET Long lasting
High energy saving
Easy to use in facilities and factories
APOLLO NOVA High Bay Linear Lighting See the product
High performance
Specially designed for industrial use
Can be used for ports and large areas
X-RISE LED Projector See the product
Minimalist design
High IP protection class
Road and street lighting
STARWING LED Street Luminaire See the product
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About Us

Fermada LED lighting, which is located under the roof of YMB continues its activities in lighting sector, and has been signing many important projects in the International markets. New Istanbul Airport, Varyap Meridian Blocks, Star of Bosporus Data Center as well as the Louvre Museum in Paris are just a few of our reference projects. Fermada LED Lighting has power and experience from design to the manufacturing that’s why there are no limit in products range. The manufactured products prove their quality with obtained International Standard Certificates.

About Us


Lighting Design

Agricultural Field
Lighting (Growlight)

Lighting Efficiency

Smart City Lighting

Special Product Designs

Office Lighting

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Indoor Lighting

These luminaires can be used in all kinds of interior spaces, providing stylish and bright spots with eye comfort and providing spot and regional bright spaces. Offices, residences, hotels, restaurants, museums, hospitals, corridors, bathrooms can be listed as the main usage areas.

Outdoor Lighting

These outdoor fixtures, which are required to have the required protection class, are designed with high technology and make pedestrian and vehicle traffic safe without creating light pollution, are used on streets, streets, building facades, parks, gardens, and other open spaces.

Industrial Lighting

The areas with protection class conditions, where efficient use is important, and which should provide a safe working environment, where armatures that can eliminate flicker and stroboscopic effects are used: factories, production areas, and construction sites.

Decorative Lighting

It is one of the most important materials reflecting style in home, office, and all other living spaces. You can direct your decoration with decorative fixtures as you wish; You can take your living spaces to another dimension with modern, classic, and rustic styles.




FERMADA Illuminates Light&Building 2024 with Cutting-Edge Innovations in Frankfurt

FERMADA, a leading player in the lighting industry, proudly announces its participation in Light&Building 2024, set to captivate audiences in Frankfurt. The event promises to showcase FERMADA's commitment to innovation,…
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Environmentally-Friendly Lighting: How LED Lighting Can Save the World

We live in a constantly changing and developing society. The unfortunate result of this change and development is the damage humanity has done to the Earth. The carbon footprint left…

How to Make Good Road Lighting in 5 Steps? What Should Be Considered?

The cities we live in are growing day by day and spreading to large areas. With this growth, we observe an accelerated development in transportation networks. For example, building a…

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