Nevada Led Lighting
Lighting Design
It is the project of measuring the brightness levels of any place without glare, with luminaires that have been accurately measured, isocandle, isolux, and color spectra are determined.

Lighting Efficiency
Projects that we prepare with energy-saving and luminous optimum lighting fixtures provide high lighting efficiency.

Special Product Designs
They are flexible luminaires that are suitable for light characteristics, lighting, and industrial designers.

Agricultural Field Lighting (Growlight)
They are lighting solutions that provide efficient product production with the correct application of light wavelengths for indoor and greenhouse correct and economical light requirements.

Smart City Lighting
The ability of the LED chip lighting systems to be adjusted at certain times in outdoor and roads at certain times (reduction-reproduction-closure), modular parking sensors, internet, image detection, face recognition, digital on-demand, where the poles are communicated with each other through IoT systems. These are intelligent systems that can control the traffic situation with the dashboard application and attach a charging unit module for bicycles/cars when requested.

Office Lighting
LED luminaires that prioritize employee health with human-oriented lighting systems and provide point and regional lighting with different and stylish effects.

Sporty Area Lighting
These are LED lighting systems that have been performed in indoor and outdoor sports areas, where the required angle of illumination has been calculated and the required light temperature (Kelvin) is suitable for live broadcasting and video shootings, with appropriate projection angles, pole type mixed projectors and high ceiling fixtures.

City Lighting Systems
LED City Lighting Fixtures, which are designed according to the required road classes, are designed according to the specifications of public institutions, the reflector system LED angles are calculated with high protection class (IP) luminaires that will not create a zebra effect.

Landscape Areas Lighting
These are outdoor fixtures with high protection class (IP), recessed, bollard, globe, indirect, wall washer style, suitable for landscape architecture, providing aesthetic lighting of materials.

Building Exterior Lighting
It is a building exterior lighting system luminaires that will reveal the architectural characteristics of the building, provide architectural light effects on the building, can be adapted to various automation systems with high protection class (IP), and also have color changing feature (RGB).

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